Here's what our students, faculty and president have to say about ABCS:


“The chance to solve real problems, meet like-minded people, and use my learning in a practical way helped develop my intellectual passions.  I learned much more from solving problems collaboratively than I have learned in many of my regular courses.”

- ABCS Student


“My ABCS courses have taught me to approach problems and societal issues in a way that not only helps me break them down into manageable pieces…but also challenges me to think about what can be done to solve them.  My experiences in ABCS have empowered me to pursue positive change and have given me the tools to be effective in doing so.”

- ABCS Student


“The Penn students become more concerned with the problems that afflict our world – and they get a better set of tools to help solve those problems.  We don’t just do a project and move on.  We remain involved with the community on an ongoing basis.”

- Frank Johnston, Anthropology Professor


“I am thrilled to learn of the successes of the 50 instructors who made 55 graduate and undergraduate ABCS courses available throughout the academic year. And I could not be more proud of the accomplishments in local engagement demonstrated by the 1,375 students who enrolled in these courses, enriched their academic experience and elevated the quality of life in their community. Congratulations!”

- President Amy Gutmann