The Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships has won numerous awards, honors and distinctions during its tenure at the University of Pennsylvania. The following represent only a select few of those received since 2000.



Center Awards:


Presidential Award in the category of Summer Learning, 2011 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (presented to Penn in 2012)


Penn was among five higher-education institutions that received the Presidential Award, the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment to community service. Penn won in the category of Summer Learning. The specific initiatives highlighted in this category included the Netter Center's support of Freedom School programs for K-8 students, its high school youth development programs (including Leaders of Change at University City High Promise Academy and the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative's youth internship programs), and Penn's chapter of Innoworks (operated by School of Engineering students), which provides a free summer camp for middle school students to stimulate interest in STEM among underrepresented minorities and females.


Penn named #1 "Best Neighbor" University in the U.S. by "Savior of Our Cities" Survey


Penn and the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, tied for the number one ranking as "Best Neighbor" university in the national "Saviors of our Cities: 2009 Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships." Penn's recognition stemmed largely from the Netter Center for Community Partnerships' work in West Philadelphia.


Presidential Award for General Community Service, 2007 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (presented to Penn in 2008)


Penn was selected as one of three higher education institution recipients for the Presidential Award in General Community Service. The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, launched in 2006, recognizes colleges and universities nationwide that support innovative and effective community service and service-learning programs. The Honor Roll's Presidential Award, given each year to only a handful of institutions, is the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. In all, 528 schools were listed on the Honor Roll for their community service activities during the 2006-2007 academic year. The Netter Center played the lead role in submitting Penn’s nomination, which highlighted 5 programs:  The Netter Center’s Community Schools Program and the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative, Penn in Botswana (School of Medicine), Living Independently for Elders (School of Nursing), and Penn in the Gulf (Fox Leadership, Civic House, and the School of Social Policy and Practice).


Sayre High School, Community School National Award for Excellence, Coalition for Community Schools


Sayre High School, one of the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools, received the 2007 Community School National Award for Excellence from the Coalition for Community Schools.  This award is presented to schools and communities who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to develop well-integrated, purposeful partnerships, to involve community and families in the life of the school and to build deep and lasting connections with the community.


Penn named #2 "Savior of Our Cities" by the New England Board of Higher Education


The University of Pennsylvania was honored by the New England Board of Higher Education as #2 "Savior of Our Cities" for its commitment to strengthening their neighboring community.


Honorable Mention, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Award


The Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Award recognized the Center for Community Partnerships for its exemplary work between the community and health professional schools. The award lauded the Center's efforts to improve health education, civic responsibility and the overall health of the community.


W.T. Grant Foundation Youth Development Prize; selection by the National Academies


This award honored the University-Assisted Community School program for its "high-quality, evidence-based collaborative efforts that generate significant advances in knowledge while increasing the opportunities for young people to move successfully through adolescence with ample support and care." The prize, which carried with it a $100,000 grant, was sponsored in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences' Board on Children, Youth and Families.


Best School Garden in Philadelphia, Urban Nutrition Initiative


The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society recognized the Urban Nutrition Initiative school garden, shared by University City High School and Drew K-8, as the best school garden in Philadelphia. Students from the University of Pennsylvania, together with local K-12 students, transformed this urban wasteland into an educational and entrepreneurial public site. In addition to the half-acre of growing space, the garden houses a shaded pavilion, picnic tables and a storage shed, all constructed by West Philadelphia public school students involved in vocational education programs.


Urban Nutrition Initiative Recognized by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recognized the Urban Nutrition Initiative as one of four model programs for improving childhood nutrition in the report Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids. UNI was selected through an extensive two-year research process that included hundreds of programs. Representatives from RWJF were particularly impressed by UNI's comprehensive approach to partnerships, school-day linkages and overarching focus on healthy decision-making (not just diet or nutrition).


Penn received #1 Ranking in Service Learning U.S. News and World Report


The University of Pennsylvania was ranked first in service learning nationally by a prestigious group issue of presidents, deans, and chief academic officers.


Best Practices Award, Outstanding Achievement, Office of Policy Development and Research, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Best Practices Award, Pennsylvania State Office, U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


The Center won two Housing and Urban Development awards; first at the regional level and then at the national level for its community partnership activities with school, nonprofits and communities of faith.


Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, School/College Partnership Award, Center for Community Partnerships


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region III, Community Partnership Award to Penn Program for Public Service


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Director Awards:


Distinguished Advocate for Children, Support Center for Child Advocates


Student Committee on Undergraduate Education, Innovative Teaching Award


Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Heritage Award


The Heritage Award honored Dr. Harkavy for his significant contribution to the future of the heritage of the Philadelphia Region.


Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant in Education at Griffith University, Australia


Coalition for Community Schools, Leadership Award


Advisory Committee for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, Directorate of the National Science Foundation


Alumni Award of Merit, University of Pennsylvania


Walker Ames Professor, University of Washington


Chancellor's Distinguished Lecturer, Louisiana State University


Honorary Professor, University of Queensland, Community Service and Research Center


Thomas Ehrilich Faculty Award for Service Learning, Campus Compact


This award, given annually by Campus Compact, recognizes one faculty member each year for contributing to the integration of community or public service into the curriculum and for efforts to institutionalize service-learning.


Distinguished Leadership Award, Community College of Philadelphia


Jewish Labor Committee of Philadelphia, Labor Human Rights Award


West Philadelphia Partnership, West Philadelphia Improvement Corps, 10th Anniversary Celebration, Founders Award


University of Pennsylvania Chapter, Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society Award


Visiting Scholar, James Madison University


Citizens Committee for Public Education in Philadelphia, John N. Patterson Award for Excellence in Education


School District of Philadelphia, William Ross, Jr. Scholarship Honoree


Leadership Inc. of Philadelphia, Outstanding Leadership Award


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Faculty/Staff Awards:

2013 Linda Satchell - Women of Color at Penn Award
  The Women of Color Awards are given in recognition of individuals who have conscientiously endeavored to increase respect for women of color at Penn, University of Pennsylvania Health Systems, Presbyterian, Pennsylvania Hospitals and the Delaware Valley community. Awardees demonstrate:Outstanding leadership, Distinguished service, Positive impact on the community, and Commitment to enhancing quality of life for and/or serving as a role model for women of color.
2013 Tony Piccione - 2013 Models of Excellence Award
  Tony Piccione was the recipient of a 2013 Models of Excellence Award for his exceptional work developing and implementing the Netter Center's partnership with Wilson Elementary School


2012 Jamie Shuda  - Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize from the Society for Developmental Biology
  Jamie Shuda and Steve Farber, co-founders of BioEYES, were the recipients of the 2012 Victor Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize through the Society of Developmental Biology. This award "recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to developmental biology education."
2012 Terri Lipman
  The seventh year of the Penn Nurse Practitioner/ Sayre High School partnership, under the direction of Dr. Terri Lipman in the School of Nursing, was honored at the 28th Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference in Boston, MA. The students’ poster, "The Impact of Dance for Health: It’s a Family Affair" was awarded first prize in the research poster category. Penn Nurse Practitioner students mentored Sayre High School students to prepare and present two spectacular posters. The Penn-Sayre student teams have won a total of five national awards.
2010 Cory Bowman - MLK Community Education Award in Honor of Dr. Judith Rodin
  The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Education Award in honor of Dr. Judith Rodin, Penn President 1994-2004, is presented to staff, students or residents who demonstrate significant contributions in community service through the advancement of education and educational opportunities in West Philadelphia. The 2010 recipient is Cory Bowman. Mr. Bowman has been instrumental in transforming existing public schools into university-assisted community schools throughout the local neighborhoods. His commitment to improving the quality of education for children is unparalleled. Mr. Bowman has been working with the Netter Center for Community Partnerships since 1992
2010 Non-Profit Institute Staff
  Penn Models of Excellence Honorable Mention
2008 Carol Muller, Professor of Music and Faculty Fellow of Digital and Community Engagement in SAS
  Finalist for the Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning


Isabel Mapp, Associate Director for Faculty, Staff and Volunteer Services


Martin Luther King Community Involvement Award, University of Pennsylvania


Danny Gerber, Co-Director, Urban Nutrition Initiative


Fellow, Delaware Valley Regional Network Environmental Leadership Program


Terri Lipman


The Penn Nurse Practitioner/Sayre High School partnership was awarded first prize in the research poster category and third prize in clinical poster category, 22nd Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference.


Joan Gluch


Finalist, Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service Learning, Campus Compact


This award honors faculty members for the integration of community or public service into their schools' curriculums and for efforts to institutionalize service learning. Gluch was recognized for her leadership in Penn Dental's community outreach programs, including oral health care clinics throughout Philadelphia for those with HIV/AIDS and Penn Smiles, which delivers oral care to children in West Philadelphia schools.


Winnie Smart-Mapp


Martin Luther King Community Involvement Award, University of Pennsylvania


Frank Johnston


Finalist, Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service Learning, Campus Compact


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Student Awards:

Howard E. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award presented by Campus Compact:

2003: Mei Elansary

2000: Duaré Valenzuela

1999: Debra Kurshan

1996: Abby Close and Johnathan Seeg

1987: Eileen Doyle


Honorable Mention:

2005: Farah Freis

2002: Noga Newberg

1997: Sanam Roder


Additionally, Gabe Mandujano '05 won the Marshall Scholarship and CCP grads Mei Elansary '04 and Phillip Geheb '03 won Thouron Fellowships. Earlier students have received Echoing Green (1), Truman (4) and Rhodes (1) fellowships for their work.


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