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All Student Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

 *Work-study opportunities available with select programs (marked with asterisk)*

For specific opportunities in the Spring 2021 semester, please click here and for Summer 2021 click here.


Active Cross Cultural Training in Our Neighborhoods (ACTION)

ACTION is a student-run Spanish tutoring organization at the University of Pennsylvania. Each week Penn volunteers go to three Philadelphia schools to teach Spanish to students of various grade levels. The lesson plans include useful phrases, vocabulary words pertaining to the theme of the week, and fun and interactive games and activities. Additionally, volunteers spend some time outside of lessons helping students with homework. 



Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative*

The Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) offers nutrition-based, hands-on school day, after school, and summer learning opportunities for more than 10,000 students and their families at over 16 West and Southwest Philadelphia public schools. Its cooking and gardening clubs and youth-run fruit stands connect school day and after school learning activities for K-12 students, and incorporate the academic work of Penn students and faculty. AUNI also boasts a robust Adult Senior Nutrition Program (ASNP) that teaches nutrition education classes throughout Philadelphia. 

Contact: Yvonne Jones,


Ase Academy

Ase Academy is an academic and cultural enrichment program designed for middle school students (6th-8th grade) in Philadelphia. Each Saturday, Ase students come to Penn to learn about their identity, community, and history with undergraduate mentors with the ultimate goal of developing students’ literacy and critical thinking skills. Students also engage in arts and other enrichment programming as well as enjoy access to other resources offered by Penn. 

Contact: Charles Curtis-Thomas,


Bridges to Wealth*

Bridges to Wealth (B2W) is an innovative financial empowerment program focused on students, parents, and local community partners. B2W’s goal is to increase the wealth-generating capabilities of families living in underserved neighborhoods to address the country’s wealth divide. Penn students will gain experience in data collection and analysis and implement evidence-based collaborative financial literacy and entrepreneurship curricula in high schools. Training, professional development, and classroom support will be provided.

Contact: Jill Bazelon, 


Civic Youth Action Partnership*

Civic Youth Action Partnership (CYAP) is a new initiative under the Netter Center for Community Partnerships. This student-run group seeks to increase civic education and engagement opportunities for students at Comegys, a middle school in West Philadelphia. Penn students run debates, lead activities involving classic and contemporary civic and government theory, and facilitate the Comegys after-school student government.

Contact: Noah Moyse,; Caroline Donnelly Moran, 


Community School Student Partnerships*

Community School Student Partnerships (CSSP) supports school day and after school programs for K-12 students in West Philadelphia. Student mentors work at the Netter Center’s University-Assisted Community Schools with teachers, staff, and other partners to support students’ academic and extracurricular endeavors.



Educational Pipeline Program*

Educational Pipeline encourages high school students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine to aspire to medical science careers. The Netter Center, Perelman School of Medicine, and Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine collaborate to provide mentorship and education at all levels: high school students are taught by undergraduates and graduate students, undergraduates learn from graduate students, and graduate students are guided by faculty. The Pipeline Program allows college students, medical trainees, physicians-in-training, and faculty to contribute meaningfully to our local community while simultaneously advancing teaching, learning and research at Penn.

Contact: Lex Rasdal, 


Francophone Community Partnership

The Francophone Community Partnership (FCP) combines French language ability with supporting and engaging with francophone youth in West Philadelphia. FCP pairs Penn students with francophone youth in West Philadelphia, largely from West Africa. Mentors spend an hour after school with the students once a week. The activities are always different but the focus remains on creating an environment to valorize their languages and cultures.

Contact: Anna Nguyen,



GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is looking for Penn student tutors and mentors to work with 10th and 11th grade high school students! This would involve supporting students in the classroom and/or after school to help them get ready for college and career. Tutors are needed in the following subject areas: Algebra, Science, Literacy/Writing, and SAT Prep. There are also opportunities beyond traditional tutoring. If you have an idea for an after school activity or workshop that would be of interest to our high school students, please reach out to us!

Contact: Candace Eaton,


Moelis Access Science*

Moelis Access Science (MAS) Fellows seek to enrich science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for students in grades K-12 at the Netter Center’s University-Assisted Community Schools though hands-on, inquiry-based activities. Simultaneously, MAS works to improve undergraduate and graduate STEM education at Penn. 



Netter Center Evaluation Data Team*

The Netter Center Evaluation Data Team works with University-Assisted Community Schools on data collection and evaluation of school day and after school programs to measure engagement and impact. This includes working with all stakeholders: Penn and K-12 students, faculty, teachers and staff, and others.



Penn Leads the Vote

Penn Leads the Vote is a student-run, non-partisan program with one simple goal — to increase voter engagement among Penn’s student body. Penn Leads the Vote is founded on the notion that civically engaged students are vital to fully realizing the potential of democratic society. Interested in volunteering or joining the team? Email us or fill out a volunteer form at



Penn Reading Initiative*

Developed through a partnership between the Netter Center and the Penn Linguistics Lab, Penn Reading Initiative (PRI) is a student-run organization supported by the Netter Center’s University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) program. Using a 1:1 tutoring-based partnership model, the program is designed to link Penn undergraduate and graduate students with elementary students in West Philadelphia. Penn tutors are carefully trained to mentor and support students in grades two and three, working to improve their reading skills and cultivate their passion for learning through a research-based curriculum with a track record of success. PRI uses The Reading Road curriculum in conjunction with classroom learning activities to enhance students’ reading experiences and excitement for in-depth phonetics understanding and reading comprehension.



Rebel Ventures*

Rebel Ventures is a business run by a team of high-school and Penn students with the mission to create delicious, healthy, and sustainable snacks that are available to everyone. Seeking Penn students who can help sustain and develop the Rebel brand. Positions include design support, brand support, social media support, operations manager, sales manager, administrative coordinator, evaluation coordinator, outreach coordinator.

Contact: Jarrett Stein, 


Silverman Fellows*

Silverman Fellows work to strengthen literacy and communication skills among K-12 students, with a focus on promoting wellness and creating media to disseminate to the wider community. They plan and implement in-school and after-school programming at one of our partner schools and attend professional development opportunities throughout the year. A range of creative projects are available, depending on fellows’ interest and the needs of the partner schools.

Contact: Cassis Boateng,


Students for Environmental Equity*

The Students for Environmental Equity (SEE) Fellows address global environmental health and justice concerns through their local manifestations in West Philadelphia. In mutually beneficial partnerships, Penn students help K-12 students learn about environmental science, environmental health, environmental justice, and sustainability by actively practicing them. They support the interdisciplinary environmental science learning happening in classrooms and afterschool to bring about real-world and youth-driven understanding, inquiry, and problem solving around these topics.

Contact: Anna Balfanz,   


University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) Sports Program*

UACS Sports programs engage K-12 West Philadelphia students in sports, fitness, and health-related activities. This initiative aims to create and sustain quality sports programs in our university-assisted community schools that encourage physical activity in a fun, safe environment as well as foster character and leadership development through sports participation. UACS Sports programs support school-day physical education and health classes, after school and summer sports programs, and sports-based leadership development and mentoring for middle & high school students.

Contact: Paulette Branson, 


Young Quakers Community Athletics*

Young Quakers Community Athletics (YQCA) is an afterschool initiative that is supported by an innovative partnership between the Netter Center for Community Partnerships and Penn’s Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics (DRIA). The program connects Penn varsity athletes with 4-8 grade students in West Philadelphia public schools for sport skills development, academic enrichment, and mentoring. In addition to the varsity athletes participating in the program, other students (athletes on other teams, or non-varsity athletes) are needed to provide supplementary support. We are looking for energetic, engaging students who enjoy working with kids!

Contact: Paige Lombard,