Summer 2018 Student Employment Opportunities

Work Study and Volunter Opportunities

Undergraduate Starting Hourly Rate: $10.00

Masters Students Starting Hourly Rate: $12.00

Join the Netter Center staff and fellow students working in University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) and with community organizations in West Philadelphia through our many work-study and volunteer opportunities. To get involved, see the contacts for various programs below. For more information on work opportunities,  please visit the Student Emploment Office Job Search website and type keyword 'Netter Center'. 

– The Netter Center UACS Sports Program is looking for energetic students to support our Physical Education (PE) Initiative aimed to support school-day PE at three West Philadelphia schools serving students in K-12 grades.
Contact: Paulette Branson,
YOUNG QUAKERS ASSOCIATES – Young Quakers Community Athletics is an afterschool initiative between the Netter Center and Penn Athletics. It works with select K-8 UACS in West Philadelphia to establish athletic teams and engage them with Penn’s own varsity teams.
Contact: Paige Lombard,

UACS SUMMER I & II: May-Aug (6/18-8/10 required for most positions)
– The Netter Center will be running academic and social enrichment summer camp for students in K-8 UACS West Philadelphia Schools. Camps typically run M-F, 8-3 pm. A typical day consists of academic activities in the morning and various enrichment activities (arts, dance, cooking, etc.) in the afternoon. Specialized program themes/positions: College/Career Exploration, Admin & Instructional Support, & Sports.
Contact: Paige Lombard,
SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM ASSOCIATES – The Netter Center will be running a summer program for students in UACS High Schools through the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). Programs typically run M-F, 8-3 pm, and location will be a mix of school sites in West Philadelphia and Penn. Specialized program themes/positions: Public Health, Education/Literacy, College/Career Readiness, Sports, Administrative Support, Professional Development Coaching, & Science.
Contact: Jen Chu,
EVALUATION & RESEARCH ASSISTANTS/ASSOCIATES – The Netter Center evaluation team leads mixed-method research and evaluation projects to support quality improvement of the Netter Center’s work. Summer positions are available for all levels of experience. Tasks may include development of evaluation frameworks, literature reviews, conducting interviews and focus groups, survey development and administration, data management, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and report writing. Team Members are matched with projects based on skill, interest, and need.
Contact: Dr. Gretchen Suess,

REBEL VENTURES | Dates: May-August
Rebel Ventures is a youth-powered social enterprise creating healthy deliciousness with kids and adult allies in schools and in our community.
ENTREPRENEUR – Entrepreneurs will take on specific responsibilities depending on their skill sets and interest, ranging from accounting to marketing to research/development to sales to design.
CINEMATOGRAPHER – The Cinematographer is charged with supporting the creation of video content for the Rebel Ventures. This involves training and oversight of storyboarding, filming, and editing.
Contact: Jarrett Stein, | More information @

AGATSTON URBAN NUTRITION INITIATIVE (AUNI) | Dates: May-August (6/18-8/10 required)
– Summer Cooking Assistant Supervisors will assist AUNI nutrition educators with researching, writing and distributing nutrition-related materials; prepping food and nutrition education materials; planning outreach events with community partner sites; and teaching youth a range of skill sets from knife safety and cooking/nutrition to public speaking and organization.
SUMMER GARDEN ASSISTANT SUPERVISORS – Summer Garden Assistant Supervisors will help AUNI CSA nutrition educators develop and implement lessons in food systems and social justice that will empower high school students as agents of change in their communities. They will support supervising nutrition educators in teaching high school students a variety of high school garden chores including seeding, weeding, and harvesting produce; minor landscaping; managing summer CSA operations; and occasional outreach events at local community sites.
Contact: Yvonne Jones,

The intern will ensure the execution of all details of cultural programming at The Rotunda, 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program, and the 40th Street Summer Series. These are arts and culture community programs sponsored by Penn and taking place along the 40th Street corridor. The intern will spend a significant amount of time working with a specific program at The Rotunda - the United Block Captains Association Summer Fun Program, an eight-week summer fun day-camp for 20-25 Philadelphia children 7-16 years old. The intern will assist program staff at The Rotunda and during field trips, interacting with the campers on a regular basis. The program, which convenes five days a week and is free to campers (minus a registration fee), provides numerous opportunities for children, who get to swim, bowl, skate, attend movie screenings, visit museums, participate in block clean up, learn about art, music, and history, etc. At the end of the program, the campers host a showcase at The Rotunda to share what they’ve learned over the summer.
Contact Gina Renzi:



Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative

The Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) organizes nutrition-based school day and after school learning opportunities at the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools in West Philadelphia, and serves more than 10,000 students and their families every month across Philadelphia. AUNI's approach to nutrition education includes hands-on experiences for students to grow, cook, consume and sell healthy foods.

Contact: Yvonne Jones,


Arts, Culture, and Humanities (Silverman) Fellows

Fellows work to promote and strengthen literacy and communication skills among K-12 students. This work can include helping students create literary magazines, school newspapers, program-based newsletters, videos, and social media with K12 students for dissemination to the wider community. Please indicate preferred age-group, K-8 or high school. 

Contact: Mara Greenberg, 


College Access and Career Readiness

College Access and Career Readiness (CACR) at the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools partners with high schools in West Philadelphia to support students in attaining high school, post-secondary, and career success. Penn students work one-on-one with high school students on college searches and applications as well as financial aid and scholarship research.

Contact: Theresa Simmonds,


Community Schools Student Partnerships

Community School Student Partnership (CSSP) supports school day and after school programs for children in West Philadelphia. Student mentors work at the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools with teachers, staff, and others to support students' academic and extracurricular endeavors.



Dance for Health

Dance for Health is a multi-level partnership between Penn's School of Nursing, the Netter Center's after school program at Sayre High School, and Sayre-Morris Recreation Center. We are looking for Penn students interested in promoting healthy lifestyles and engaging with high school youth to support the Dance for Health program on Thursdays after school. Penn students will also participate in the line dancing class that takes place from 5-7pm at the recreation center across the street from Sayre HS.

Contact: Candace Eaton,



GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness for Undergraduate Programs) is looking for Penn student tutors and mentors to work with 9th and 10th grade high school students! This would involve supporting students in the classroom and/or after-school to help them get ready for college and career. Tutors are needed in the following subject areas: Algebra, Science, and Literacy/Writing. There are also opportunities beyond traditional tutoring. If you have an idea for an after-school activity or workshop that would be of interest to our high school students, please reach out to us!

Contact: Candace Eaton,


Moelis Access Science

Moelis Access Science (MAS) Fellows seek to enrich science, technology,  engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for students in grades K-12 at the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools through hands-on inquiry-based activities. At the same time, MAS works to improve undergraduate and graduate STEM education at Penn.



Netter Center Evaluation Data Team

The Netter Center's Evaluation Data Team works with University-Assisted Community Schools on data collection and evaluation of school day and after-school programs to measure engagement and impact. This includes working with all stakeholders, including Penn and K-12 students, faculty, teachers, staff and others.



Penn Reading Initiative

Penn Reading Initiative (PRI) is a highly interactive student tutoring organization that works to raise the literacy rate in West Philadelphian elementary schools. PRI currently works with 2nd and 3rd grade students at Benjamin B Comegys Elementary School. The backbone of the tutoring sessions is “The Reading Road,” a well-tested linguistics program developed by Dr. William Labov, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics. Members of Penn Reading Initiative are trained on how to use this program to not only improve the reading skills of their tutees, but to help them build the confidence and independence that will be fundamental in their future endeavors.



Rebel Ventures

Rebel Ventures is a business run by a team of high-school and Penn students with the mission to create delicious, healthy, and sustainable snacks that are availale to everyone. Seeking Penn students who can help sustain and develop the Rebel brand. Positions include design support, brand support, social media support, operations manager, sales manager, administrative coordinator, evaluation coordinator, and outreach coordinator.

Contact: Jarrett Stein


Sayre Health Initiatives, Education, and Leadership Development (SHIELD)

The Sayre Health Center is looking for mentors for the SHIELD program. The Sayre Health Initiatives, Education, and Leadership Development (SHIELD) program is an after school training program that prepares high school students for careers in health care. Students are taught the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam, an industry recognized certification. SHIELD students and mentors work alongside our clinical staff, assisting in the provision of patient care.  

Contact: Joe Brand,


Urban Arts, Culture, and Humanities Program

In the Urban, Arts, Culture and Humanities Program (UACHP), students engage in arts, culture, and humanities partnerships. Partners include West Philadelphia schools, non-profit organizations, the Rotunda, the 40th Street Arts-in-Residence Program, and other local partners.

Contact: Mara Greenberg, 


University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) Sports Program

UACS Sports programs engage K-12 West Philadelphia students in sports, fitness, and health-related activities. The initiative aims to create and sustain quality sports programs in our University-Assisted Community Schools that encourage physical activity in a fun, safe, environment as well as fosters character and leadership development through sports participation. UACS Sports programs support school-day programs and sports-based leadership development for middle and high school students.

Contact: Paulette Branson,


Young Quakers Community Athletics

Young Quakers Community Athletics (YQCA) is an after-school initiative that is supported by an innovative partnership between the Netter Center and Penn's Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics (DRIA). The program connects Penn varsity athletes with 4th-8th grade students in the Netter Center's University-Assisted Community Schools for sport skills development, academic enrichment, and mentoring. In addition to the varsity athletes participating in the program, other students (athletes on other teams, or non-varsity athletes) are needed to provide supplementary support. Possible areas of support may include marketing, recruitment, equipment management, transportation, tutoring, or supervision. We are looking for energetic, engaging students who enjoy working with kids!

Contact: Paige Lombard,