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For Penn Faculty

To support the creation and implementation of Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) courses, the Netter Center offers the following resources:

  • Thematic Faculty-led Seminars   
    • Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) Teaching
      • Facilitated by Lori Flanagan-Cato, Associate Professor of Psychology, Co-Director of the Biological Basis of Behavior Program, and Netter Center Faculty Fellow
    • Arts, Culture, and Humanities
      • Facilitated by Carol Muller, Professor of Music, School of Arts and Sciences 
    • Public Schools
      • Facilitated by John Puckett, Professor, Graduate School of Education
    • College Access, Career Readiness, and Democracy
      • Facilitated by Laura Perna, James S. Riepe Professor, Graduate School of Education
    • Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Undergraduate Education through K-20+ Partnerships
      • Facilitated by Dennis DeTurck, Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor, and Professor of Mathematics
    • Environment and Health
      • Facilitated by Richard Pepino, Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Science and Fred Scatena, Professor and Chair Emeritus, Earth and Environmental Science
    • Sociology Departmental Seminar
      • Facilitated by Emilio Parrado, Chair and Professor of Sociology, Director of Latin American and Latino Studies; Melissa Wilde, Associate Professor of Sociology


  • Additional resources available on the following topics upon request:
    • ABCS & Service Learning
    • Reflection
    • History of West Philadelphia/Penn
    • K12 Lesson Planning/Student Engagement/Classroom Management
    • Problem-Solving Learning and Participatory Action Research
    • Questions of Race, Class and Privilege
    • School District of Philadelphia
    • Anchor Institutions
    • Democracy, Community Schools and University-Community Partnerships
    • Netter Center & Related Faculty Publications

For more information, please contact: