The Netter Center will be returning to regular business hours on campus on September 7.  Please contact for general inquiries.

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For Penn Students

For students new to the Netter Center, check out the many ways to get involved!

For students currently enrolled in ABCS courses or other Netter Center programs:


    In compliance with Pennsylvania law, University policy, and the requirements of our funders, the Netter Center provides background checks for all student volunteers engaged in or assigned to programs with partnering schools under the School District of Philadelphia. The three mandatory background checks are: the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Check certificate, the Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check certificate, and the FBI fingerprinting certificate.  

    The Netter Center hosts office hours for all student volunteers and student workers for six weeks each semester. Office hours, deadlines, and details about the process, are provided in the guide distributed electronically to faculty members, program directors, and student leaders. The Netter Center partners with a team from Human Resources to offer these office hours.​​

    Clearances are mandatory for in-person and remote engagement with K-12 students. 


    For general questions about the clearance process or to get copies of your completed clearances, please email AND


    Transportation (not applicable for 2020-2021)

    Vans to University-Assisted Community Schools 

    • View the current Van Schedule.
    • Van shuttle service is available during the academic year for Netter Center programs, including ABCS courses, traveling from campus to West Philadelphia school partner sites.
    • Please submit van requests to

    DSM Cards 

    • The Netter Center provides SEPTA DSM cards for ABCS students and student volunteers involved in its programs, to assist in transportation to community partnership sites. Staff supervisors maintain the list of eligible students. These students may pick up their cards from the Netter Center reception desk Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
    • Recommended SEPTA routes
      • Comegys School: Trolley Lines 11, 13, or 36
      • Hamilton School: 21 or 42 bus
      • Lea School: 21 or 42 bus
      • Mitchell School: Trolley Line 13
      • Robeson High School: 21 or 40 bus or walking
      • Sayre High School: 21 or 42 bus
      • West Philadelphia High School: 21 bus or Market Street Line