Lea University-Assisted Community School

Lea University-Assisted Community School’s mission and vision is to build a foundation of mutual respect within a safe community of independent learners and to collaborate with families and teachers to hone life skills, encourage creativity, promote wellness and health, and supplement academic and entrepreneurial growth, thus providing a learning bridge which complete a circle of unity among our scholars, the University of Pennsylvania, and the greater West Philadelphia community.


Academically Based Community Service courses and Community School Student Partnerships (CSSP) provide Lea students with additonal academic support and mentorship throughout the school day.  The Netter Center's Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) brings nutrition lessons to Lea students as well as runs an after-school fruit stand. 


After school programming includes:

• Gardening
• POSTLI Reading Tutoring
• Young Quakers Community Athletics sports programming
• STEM Instruction including Robotics

• Arts and Crafts
• WHYY Laboratory
• Dance
• Cooking and Fruit Stand 




Henry C. Lea School

4700 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19139


ShaVon Savage, Principal

Arttia Watts, Site Director of Lea University-Assisted Community School, arttiaw@sas.upenn.edu

Regina Bynum, Lea-Penn Partnership Lead Instructor, bynumr@sas.upenn.edu