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Arts, Culture, & Humanities Partnerships

Arts, Culture, & Humanities Partnerships utilize arts, culture, and humanities to build bridges that connect Penn faculty and students, teachers, students, and parents in the public schools,  neighbors of all ages and backgrounds, and local artists and performers. Tapping the potential of the deeply human need for expression, these partnerships improve teaching, learning, and research while increasing cross-community understanding and supporting community development. 

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Mural Arts ABCS course


Program Highlights & Partnerships

The 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program awards West Philadelphia artists 1 year of free studio space at 40th & Chestnut Sts. In exchange, residents share their talents within West Philadelphia by leading workshops, teaching classes, exhibiting, etc.


Open to incoming college freshman, the Music and Social Change Residential Program in Fisher-Hassenfeld House in the Quadrangle explores the many ways in which individuals use music in their everyday lives to develop who they are and, often subconsciously, to advance their own social and economic position. Students participate in a year-long ABCS seminar. 


The Rotunda, located at 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA, is a community-gathering place that is fueled by the belief that art is a catalyst for social change and that the arts can lead to the formation of meaningful partnerships between the University of Pennsylvania and surrounding neighborhoods.


This site is the result of an ongoing research partnership between students, both graduate and undergraduate, at the University of Pennsylvania and the University’s wider West Philadelphia community. The materials presented at this site are generated in ABCS-style courses taught in the Music Department by Ethnomusicology professors Carol Muller and Tim Rommen, and sponsored by the Netter Center and PRRUCS.


For more information, please contact:

Director of UACS Arts, Culture, & Humanities Partnerships: Suzana Berger