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National Advisory Board

National Advisory Board members with the Director

Netter Center Director with several members of the National Advisory Board


Stacey Bennett, C'95 (Chair)
New York, NY

Erik Baker, W'91, PAR'20
New York, NY

David Becker, W'86
New York, NY

Robert W. Cort, C'68 G'70 WG'74
West Hollywood, CA

Jude T. Driscoll, C'86
Philadelphia, PA

John G. Finley, C'78, W'78
New York, NY

Richard M. Horowitz, C'83, PAR'15, PAR'16
Jenkintown, PA

Kevin Johnson, C'96
Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, C'98
Oakland, CA

David Ludwig, W'96
New York, NY

Aaron H. Marks, Esq., C'90, W'90, PAR'20, PAR'24, PAR'25
New York, NY

Scott Millstein, C'92
New York, NY

Barbara Netter, PAR'83
Greenwich, CT

Rebecca Richards, C'99
Chicago, IL

Marc Saiontz, W'95
New York, NY

Wendy Sassower, C'94, PAR'24
New York, NY

Milton (Tony) Schneider
Bryn Mawr, PA

Reema Shah, C'94
Atherton, CA

Andrew W. Shoyer, C'81
Washington, DC

Brad I. Silver, W'89, PAR'20, PAR'21, PAR'25
New York, NY

Elizabeth Silverman, C'94
Boston, MA

Rachel Skerritt, C'98, GED'99
Boston, MA

Dina Wong To, C'95
San Francisco, CA


Board Members Emeriti:

Lisa Gottesman, W'78
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Debra Stone, C'79
New York, NY


In Memoriam:

Edward Netter, C'53, PAR'83 (1932-2011)