2023-2025 Fellows

Ankita Reddy (left) and Ceire Hay (right)

Ankita Reddy,  Perelman School of Medicine and School of Arts and Science, Anthropology
PGAEF Faculty Mentor: Adriana Petryna, Professor, Anthropology, School of Arts and Sciences; Director, MD-PhD Program in Anthropology
Ankita is an MD/PhD Anthropology candidate researching how human and computer vision mediate social relations in the clinic and conceptions of the body. Ankita plans to design and teach an ABCS course which critically examines how medical technologies, including AI integrations, can enable better health but also magnify bias and harm. Medical students and Philadelphia high schoolers will learn how to become advocates for equitable tech through hands-on workshops and seminars.  This will connect to her dissertation research, which probes how digital and AI-based visualizations of the body in the clinic mediate socio-political relations of care.

Ceire Hay, Perelman School of Medicine, Biomedical Graduate Studies, Immunology Graduate Group
Faculty Advisor:  Sarah Henrickson, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Allergy/Immunology), Perelman School of Medicine
Ceire plans to design and teach an ABCS course that engages with students in both the Biomedical Graduate Studies here at Penn and high school students in West Philadelphia. Through hands-on learning and peer mentorship, students will develop strategies to reduce asthma triggers in the school setting. In doing so, students will learn about the environmental, societal, and biological factors that make Philadelphia an asthma ‘hot-spot’ in the United States. Through this solution-focused approach, Ceire hopes to empower students to make healthy changes to their environment and to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.