Career Development

Opportunities for career development are offered in three different areas.

1. Independent research and resources

  • The Netter Alumni Instagram: @netteralumniconnect
  • A Local Job Bank for students looking for part-time to full-time employment in the Downtown and West Philadelphia neighborhoods. 

2. Mentoring

  • There are multiple people in the Netter Center community that can link students and alumni to people that care to be a support through an application process. 
  • Alumni Connect Email: 

3. Programs

  • The Future Professionals Initiative is a program centered around developing alumni and students for the professional workforce. It is a six week program that is rewarded with a certificate. Students are encouraged to use this link and sign up. 
  • More programs are offered through the Netter Center that mentors above can connect students and alumni to. 

Penn Vet personnel giving a presentation to elementary students