The Netter Center main office will be operating remotely until at least January 24, 2022.  Please contact for general inquiries.

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Penn Students: Get Involved


Through the Netter Center, Penn students work with local public schools, communities of faith, and community organizations to help solve critical campus and community problems.

Penn students learn from and with the community through democratic partnerships that help contribute to improving the quality of life and learning on campus and in West Philadelphia/Philadelphia. Netter Center programs focus on interconnected social justice issues, such as education, nutrition, health, environmental health, college access, STEM education, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and non-partisan voter engagement.

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Work-Study, Non Work-Study and Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about opportunities to get involved with Netter Center programs in Spring 2022!


Learn more about the Penn Program for Public Service (PPPS) Summer Internship, an 11-week multi-faceted summer program that immerses approximately undergraduates in real-world problem solving in the West Philadelphia-Penn community.


Learn about the Shah Engaged Research Summer Internship and how to apply. The internship offers a $4,500 stipend for research projects that contribute to civic and community engagement.


Learn more about the Shah Family Prize for Innovative Undergraduate Student Projects at the Netter Center. It encourages innovation, creative social entrepreneurship, and commitment to developing and sustaining projects that make a positive impact on campus and in the local community. Two annual prizes of $5,000 each.