The naming gift from Barbara and Edward Netter in 2007 enabled the Center to pursue its mission with a secure endowment. July 2022 marked Netter’s 30th anniversary and began a year-long celebration. This occasion provides an important opportunity to reflect, plan, and further the work locally, nationally, and globally. It is a time to take Netter to the next level, propelling it into its fourth decade.

The opportunities for support described in our case statement will help Netter increase its impact by sustaining its people and programs, supporting its university and community missions, and building and evaluating it as a model of excellence. Gifts are payable over a period of up to five years.

We are admittedly fervent in our ambitions. That is why Netter is soliciting your generous support. It will enable the Center to further institutionalize civic and community engagement on our campus; strengthen and sustain democratic, mutually transformative partnerships between Penn and West Philadelphia; educate young people from pre-K through higher education as ethical, empathetic, engaged, justice-seeking citizens; advance knowledge for social change; and enhance Netter’s leadership and impact locally, nationally, and globally.

View the Netter Center's Case Statement, Leadership for Change: Planning for Netter's Fourth Decade and Beyond.


To make an online donation to the Netter Center, please visit the University of Pennsylvania's giving page.

To give by mail, please follow the instructions here.

For more information on giving to the Netter Center, please contact Lisa Frenz in Penn Development,

Thank you for your support!