The Netter Center will be returning to regular business hours on campus on September 7.  Please contact for general inquiries.

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The Netter Center for Community Partnerships relies on gifts from individuals to make positive impacts on Penn and the community—indeed on society and the world. Your gift will provide direct support to the Center while also leveraging other gifts and grants.

To make an online donation to the Netter Center, please visit the University of Pennsylvania's giving page.

Director’s Fund

The Director’s Fund is vital to the Netter Center’s success and its uses reflect the Center’s core mission. The Director’s Fund is used for innovative new programs, as well as to support ongoing evaluation and operational needs. Gifts to the Director’s Fund are welcome at all levels.

Faculty and Students 

Penn faculty and students are at the heart of the Netter Center’s work, providing intellectual leadership, creativity, and novel ideas. The Netter Center seeks to establish named funds to strengthen its academic core and encourage faculty and student engagement.

University-Assisted Community Schools and Community Development Programs

The Netter Center seeks to establish named funds to support its wide range of university-assisted community school and community development programs. Funds are used for all aspects of program support including staff, professional development, materials and supplies, course development, technology, and student internships.

Evaluation and Replication

The Netter Center’s work has been recognized as a model for higher education civic and community engagement in the U.S. and abroad. The Netter Center seeks to establish named funds to support its efforts in actively engaging other colleges and universities to adapt Academically Based Community Service and University-Assisted Community School programs and successes.


For more information, please contact Stephen A. Dare, Associate Vice President for Development, Undergraduate Programs, Penn Development and Alumni Relations at (215) 573-2923 or

Thank you for your support!


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