Young Quakers Track and Field

“If I could change one child’s life the way mine was changed, how fulfilling that would be.”

-Adria Ferguson Sheth, C’97, YQCA Advisory Board Member

Young Quakers Track and Field Time Trials at Penn Relays 2017 photo

Young Quakers Track and Field Time Trials for Penn Relays 2017


The Young Quaker’s Track and Field (YQTF) team began in spring 2014 at Huey Elementary School (K-8) with 44 Huey students and 30 Penn athletes. YQTF adopted the following core values for its track & field team:

  1. Respect
  2. Energy and Enthusiasm
  3. Accountability
  4. Discipline
  5. Determination

These core values helped organize a successful year. The curriculum was designed to give students a taste of several track & field events before specializing. The events included sprinting, throwing and jumping. Also, Penn student athletes established mentorship groups similar to the lacrosse tribes and leadership accountability groups. An intrasquad meet at Penn was held on June 3, 2014, during which each student completed three events—weight throw, long jump and the 40 meter dash. At the end of the season 100% of the Track and Field students said that they wanted to continue to run, and 81% of students thought about going to college. 

YQTF is working with students from Huey and Lea Elementary Schools, who practice together with the Penn student athletes.

To meet our Big Quakers, click here for the women's team and click here for the men's team.