Silverman Fellows

Silverman Fellows work to strengthen literacy and communication skills among K-12 students at university-assisted community schools, with a focus on promoting wellness and creating media to disseminate to the wider community. They plan and implement in-school and after-school programming at one of our partner schools and attend professional development opportunities throughout the year. A range of creative projects are available, depending on fellows’ interest and the needs of the partner schools.

Penn students, working through Netter, can provide people power to teacher-driven, curriculum-integrated projects that fulfill K-12 teachers’ learning goals for literacy and critical thinking, in humanities, health, and wellness. Penn students can provide the hands-on support to make labor-intensive, tangible culminating projects come alive, while coaching public school students in these projects. Examples include:

  • Handle layout, production, and publishing tasks for student-written newspapers, books, essay collections, and literary magazines
  • Create art installations (tactile or virtual) to showcase students’ research
  • Build websites documenting students’ written, visual, audio, and video research
  • Coach students one-on-one as they write and prepare to perform their writing
  • Design and produce event flyers, playbills, and other event materials
  • Facilitate reading groups for in-depth, personalized discussions

Contact: Silverman Fellows Coordinator,