Faculty Sponsor FAQ

  1. Do I have to be the student’s advisor in order to be the faculty sponsor?
    • No. Any faculty member can serve as faculty sponsor.  The sponsor must have relevant interest in the student’s fellowship project area.  However, the student’s advisor does need to approve of the student’s participation.  
  2. Do I sponsor the student for both years they serve as Fellow?
    • Yes. If you agree to be a faculty sponsor, you commit to sponsoring the student for their entire fellowship term.
  3. What are my responsibilities as the faculty sponsor?
    • You will meet with your student regularly to monitor their progress and provide guidance. Additionally, you must attend the faculty-student seminars.
  4. How often are the faculty-student seminars?
    • Monthly during the academic year for both years of the fellowship.
  5. What is Academically Based Community Service (ABCS)?
    • Academically Based Community Service integrates service with research, teaching, and learning. Over 200 ABCS courses have been developed at Penn in a wide range of disciplines. In the 2017-2018 academic year, 68 ABCS courses were offered across 7 schools by 64 faculty and staff, enrolling approximately 1700 undergraduate and graduate students. More information about ABCS can be found here.