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Rebel Ventures plans to open student-run corner store next year

Maya Wernick

The Notebook

Monday, March 25, 2019

“Why can I buy four bags of chips at the corner store for $1, but one smoothie at the supermarket costs $4?”

This is the question that sparked the idea of the Rebel Market, a corner store run by high school students that is set to open next year through the Rebel Ventures program.

The Rebels, who are primarily high school students in the School District, are planning to open the market in West Philadelphia, but do not yet have a location.

“Our goal is not only to sell what we already make, our Crumbles, but we wanted to give our future customers other healthy alternatives, such as smoothies and other good, delicious, healthy meals,” said William Chaney, a sophomore at Freire Charter School, who works on human resources and social media for Rebel.