Penn Volunteers in Public Service (Penn VIPS)

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Benjamin Franklin, founder of the University of Pennsylvania, thought that the true purpose of education was to promote service to the larger society. Penn's ongoing work with the community is a true expression of that purpose.  The Penn Volunteers In Public Service (Penn VIPS) has been established to provide a vehicle of staff, faculty, alumni and the West Philadelphia community to work together through community service activities and events.  Further, Penn VIPS assists schools, community groups and non-profit organizations achieve their goals of providing service to their constituents.


Programs/Project Involvement:

To accomplish its mission, Penn VIPS recruits volunteers from the University community to participate in a variety of on-going programs and special one-time or monthly projects.  To learn more, click on one of the following links:


Ongoing Programs

Penn VIPS and Business Services Annual Scholarship Program


Volunteers are welcomed to help with any of the Penn VIPS programs or activities.  We seek new members to work on the committee, which meets once a month.


Various organizations and schools are invited to contact Penn VIPS to seek a partnership for a volunteer service project.  Penn VIPS requires all requests to be documented in writing, which can be faxed, sent via electronic mail, U.S. mail, or hand delivered.  We welcome opportunities to work with various organizations.


For more information, please contact:

Isabel Mapp, Associate Director of the Netter Center -