Community School Student Partnerships

Community School Student Partnerships (CSSP) is a student organization that provides academic and cultural enrichment to children and families in West Philadelphia neighborhoods. As part of Penn’s overall university-assisted community school network through the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, CSSP operates recess, school day, after school and evening programs across five public schools in West Philadelphia by recruiting, training, and coordinating hundreds of Penn student tutors/mentors. In addition, CSSP coordinators mobilize various student groups and organizations who are interested in doing service in schools.



CSSP has multiple areas of programming. School Day programming at all levels matches CSSP mentors with specific classrooms for teaching assistantship, small group instruction, and one-on-one tutoring.  High School programs provide enrichment and mentoring that focus on the goals of high school graduation, college access and career success.  After-School programming at elementary school sites provides academic and extra-curricular enrichment. The Penn Reading Initiative is a literacy tutoring program developed by the University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Laboratory that aims to improve the reading skills of early elementary students. The Recess Initiative supports healthy playground and lunchroom environments.


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