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PTLV Website Featured in Forbes


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

"The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition is the largest nonpartisan network in the country dedicated to increasing college student democratic engagement with nearly 400 nonpartisan partners and a reach of over 1,800 campuses. One of the foundations of the SLSV Coalition’s organizing model is creating action plans that help campuses implement their democratic engagement strategies. With uncharted territory for the fall elections, many of our coalition partners are reimagining how to reach student voters from a distance. 

"We asked some of our partners to share their most innovative strategies to transition to digital and relational organizing and to keep staff, volunteers, and students engaged while social distancing is in effect. Here is what they suggested:

1. Get creative online 

“In the digital age, and with the coronavirus crisis severely limiting our ability to reach each other face-to-face, the development and maintenance of a centralized hub for voting resources has become more critical than ever. Penn Leads The Vote's website remains built and maintained based on the importance of centralizing this information to improve accessibility and transform interest into action, even from home. From alerts on election delays due to the crisis to plug-ins that facilitate actionable steps by reducing the number of clicks required, provides visitors with the current and critical information they need to be informed and engaged voters in every election cycle. In organizing resources and disseminating them across partner communities, PLTV aims to universalize and democratize the reliable information that facilitates action while helping young voters build habits that will last them a lifetime. We firmly believe that such knowledge and engagement fuel not only long-lasting self-efficacy, but also people's ability to empower those around them, including family, friends, and communities.” — Benjamin Oh, Penn Leads the Vote

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