25th Anniversary Overview

The Netter Center will host events throughout the 2017-2018 academic year to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Please join us, and stay tuned for more details!

During Homecoming, November 4th, we will be hosting a program at the Annenberg Center:

From Hollywood to West Philly: Film & Community Storytelling.

Our 25th Anniversary International Conference, November 16-17, 2017 on Penn's campus:

Higher Education-Community Partnerships for Democracy and Social Change   

Our 25th Anniversary Partnership Festival will take place in West Philadelphia in spring 2018. This will be a celebration of University-Assisted Community School partnerships with children, youth, and families in West Philadelphia, along with Penn students, staff, faculty, and special guests. More details to come! 

The 15th Annual Academically Based Community Service Summit will also take place in spring 2018, showcasing current ABCS courses and engaging participants in discussion on student and faculty engagement.

We will also celebrate our anniversary with special events on Alumni Day (May 12, 2018) and with other alumni-sponsored activities throughout spring 2018.


Ben Franklin Long

"Nothing is of more importance to the public weal, than to form and train up youth in wisdom and virtue. Wise and good men are, in my opinion the strength of a state: much more so than riches or arms, which, under the management of Ignorance and Wickedness, often draw on destruction, instead of providing for the safety of a people."

Benjamin Franklin (1750)