Summer Opportunities

The Netter Center offers a number of summer engagement opportunities for interested Penn students.

(Undergraduate ONLY) Penn Program for Public Service - an 11-week multi-faceted program that immerses approximately 10-12 undergraduates in real-world problem solving in the West Philadelphia-Penn community. Students receive free housing, free course credit from participating in the ABCS seminar, and compensation at $12.50/hour for full-time work at their internship placement. 

(Undergraduate and graduate students) Shah Engaged Research Summer Internship - a 10-week research program that provides support to approximately four students to pursue research projects that contribute to civic and community engagement. Students' research should focus on helping to solve universal problems such as poverty, health inequities, environmental sustainability, and inadequate, unequal education as they are manifested in West Philadelphia and/or Philadelphia. Undergraduate interns receive a stipend of $4,500. 

(Undergraduate and graduate students) University-Assisted Community Schools Summer Enrichment Program - Each summer, the Netter Center implements comprehensive, full-day summer camps for West Philadelphia students in kindergarten through eighth grade and work internships for West Philadelphia high school aged youth in University-Assisted Community Schools. Penn students can support a number of in-person activities, including academic enrichment, social emotional learning, cross-grade programs, field trips, sports, arts, cooking, gardening, program evaluation, administrative tasks, and more. This year, the K-12 summer enrichment program is expected to run six weeks mid-June to early August; however, summer prep support is needed before programming begins. If you are interested in applying for a position to support prep and/or in-person programming this summer, please fill out the application HERE and we'll be in touch with next steps! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

(Graduate students ONLY) Penn Graduate Community Engaged Research Mentorship - a 10-week program for graduate students interested in community-engaged research to work on smaller scale, short-term projects guided by faculty mentors.  Graduate students will also be part of a learning community with faculty and other students interested in and doing this work across different disciplines. Each faculty mentor will select the graduate student who will work on their specified research project. Selected graduate students will receive a stipend of $5,400 for the summer.


Searching for opportunities for high school students?

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