UACS Alumni Connect

The Netter Center offers opportunities for all students that have ever participated in our programming at any point before their high school graduation. Through connecting with the Netter Center as an alumni, students can be offered job opportunities, college preparation, internships, experience building, and networking opportunities. We encourage all students to reach out to the leaders of the programs they were involved in if they want to remain involved. Students can also connect with the alumni network through instagram @netteralumninetwork or email

Site directors at each school are quality resources for alumni to begin to engage with the Netter Center after graduation. Paulette Branson and Joseph Brand are great examples of staff that continue to stay connected with Netter Center students. Both of these staff members have played a pivotal role in advocating for students to be hired throughout Philadelphia and have been very successful. They also keep genuine relationships with students that supersede tangible opportunities. Joseph and Paulette can act as a sounding board for alumni to evolve into active members of society after graduating from high school. 

We encourage students participating in any Netter Center programming to reach out and make connections with the staff at their site. Staff members are the heart and soul of maintaining the bond of alumni networking and can be an abundant resource for you!