Nonprofit Connect

Nonprofit Connect is a Netter Center student-led program that works closely with the Wharton Undergraduate Division to develop mutually beneficial, collaborative and supportive partnerships between Penn students and nonprofit organizations in West Philadelphia and Philadelphia at large. First piloted in summer 2020 in response to nonprofit needs identified during the pandemic, the program mobilizes university resources, particularly undergraduate and graduate students, to offer general consulting, organizational, and administrative support to local nonprofits. Nonprofit Connect seeks to augment and bolster the development and efficiency of local nonprofits, as well as to help Penn students engage in collaborative, real-world, community-focused problem-solving. The program matches Wharton student groups and individual student volunteers to local nonprofits.

Many of the participating organizations are past participants of the Netter Center's Nonprofit Institute, a biannual event that provides free workshops for members of local nonprofits and faith-based communities over the course of six days.

For more information, please contact Faustine Sun,