SAB Projects

2021-2022 SAB Final Report




With the help of Faustine Sun, Alisa Ghura (C’23), Zahra Barrow (W’22), Izzy Zhang (C’24), Amy Miller (GSE), and Sonali Singh (W’ 24) planned the 2022 Netties Award ceremony which took place on Wednesday, April 20 from 6-7pm in Amado Recital Hall, Irvine. The ceremony was intended to celebrate the 35 students who won Netties awards as well as the general hardwork of everyone at the Netter Center throughout the year. 17 award winners came to the ceremony in person, while the rest were unable to. There were about 35-40 people in attendance. Dr. Harkavy gave the opening remarks, and the night closed out with everyone getting to take a to go dinner. In addition to the Netties awards given to winners, senior cords were given out as well as Netter Center stickers and buttons to all guests. We hired a student photographer Sina Shaikh to capture the event. 



ABCS Summit

With the help of Anna Balfanz, Om Manghani (C’24), Brian Lee (C’22), and Emma Francis (C’22) organized the 19th Annual ABCS Summit. The Summit featured roundtable discussions related to four ABCS themes: Health and Nutrition, Collaborative Design and Planning, STEM Education, and Arts and Culture (notes from the discussion linked). About 10 ABCS classes also presented their course at the project showcase. The event drew 40-50 people! We hired student photographer Sina Shaikh to take photos.