Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board photo 2015

Members of Student Advisory Board (2015)

2017-2018 Membership

Anea Moore, College '19 (Chair)
Penn Program for Public Service Intern (PPPS), Civic Development Intern (CDI), Music and Social Change program

Abigail Burns, Nursing '19
Community School Student Partnership (CSSP),  PPPS Intern, Academically Based Community Service 

Tina Gao, Wharton '18
PPPS Intern, CDI Intern

Blanca Hernandez Uribe, Engineering '19
Moelis Access Science (MAS), Evaluation 

Emma James, Graduate School of Education '17
Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative, GearUp

Zev Katz, College '19 

Heidi Lee, College '19
PPPS Intern, Civic Development Intern

Dorian Merritt, College '19
University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) Sports program

Celina Nhan, College '19
CSSP, MAS, Thompson Civic Development Intern 

Luke Tortora, College ‘19

Tristrum Tuttle,  Engineering ’19

Jeff Wiseman, College '18
Young Quakers Community Athletics, Thompson CDI


2016-2017 Membership

Molly McHugh, Nursing '17 (Chair)
Community School Student Partnerships

Caroline Benson, Nursing '17
Academically Based Community Service (ABCS), UACS Physical Education support

Megan Brookens, College '17
PPPS, Music, and Social Change Program

Theodore Caputi, College '17, Wharton '17

Paul Masih Das, Physics PhD Student

Tina Gao, Wharton '18

Eric "Chuck" Lazarus, College '17
Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative

Paige Lombard, College '16
University-Assisted Community School (UACS) Sports

Anea Moore, College '19

Leopold Spohngellert, College '17
Penn Program for Public Service (PPPS)

Jeffrey Wiseman, College '18
Young Quakers Community Athletics