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Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board Meeting Spring 2017 848x565

Community Advisory Board Meeting Spring 2017

Jettie Newkirk, Esq. (Chair)
Solo Practitioner

Stephanie Andrewlevich
Mitchell Elementary School

Bishop Claude Barnes
Church of Faith

James J. Brown
The Fan's View LLC

Fred Carey
Dr. Bernett L. Johnson, Jr. Sayre Health Center

Mary S. Dean
West Philadelphia High School

Jennifer Duffy

Sharif El-Mekki
Mastery Charter School

Minister Amen Ra-El Enoch
Earth's Keepers Inc.

Richard M. Gordon IV
Paul Robeson High School

Terry Guerra
Community Member At-Large

Charles Ireland
The Next Media Group

John Leatherberry
West Powelton Concerned Community Council

Vernoca L. Michael
West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Rev. Joe Nock
Second Antioch Baptist Church

Imam Kenneth Nuriddin
Philadelphia Masjid

Rev. Carlton Rodgers
Tabernacle Evangelical Lutheran Church

K. Rose Samuel-Evans
Metropolitan Baptist Church

Eleanor Sharpe
Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Winnie Smart-Mapp
Community Member At-Large

Frances Walker-Ponnie
Community Member At-Large

Elsie Wise
West Powelton Concerned Community Council

Kenneth Woodson
Philadelphia Zoo

In Memoriam:

Frances Aulston (1940-2015)

Alia Walker (1948-2018)