Higher education must help build a more sustainable, democratic future


Sjur Bergan, Tony Gallagher, Ira Harkavy, Ronaldo Munck and Hilligje van’t Land

University World News

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

In an article in University World News, the editors of the recent book on Higher education's response to the Covid-19 pandemic - Building a more sustainable and democratic future (Sjur Bergan, Tony Gallagher, Ira Harkavy, Ronaldo Munck and Hilligje van’t Land) reiterate the call for action launched through the book. The article draws on the book and also emphasizes developments since the manuscript was completed.

The book, which is Volume 25 in the Council of Europe Higher Education Series, was launched at a webinar organized by the International Association of Universities on March 16. Further webinars were organized on April 21 aimed at audiences in Ireland and in Latin America, the latter in Spanish. Harkavy's closing remarks from the launch webinar can be found here.

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