Lessons of sports mentorship program reach beyond the field

Camden Copeland

The Notebook 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Awesome” is how Lisa Wilmer, the principal of B.B. Comegys Elementary School, describes the Young Quakers Community Athletics program.  

In 2012, Comegys had no sports programming. When University of Pennsylvania lacrosse coach Mike Murphy wanted his team to be more involved with service, a partnership formed between Comegys and Penn.  

Young Quakers is an afterschool initiative that pairs Penn varsity players with school-aged athletes at three West Philadelphia K-8 schools.   Comegys served as a pilot for the Young Quakers program.  

Wilmer noted that interest was slow at first among the children, but after a few curious students took the leap, many followed. And soon after the boys started playing lacrosse, the girls wanted to join in, too.  

Now the program includes track and field and has expanded to Samuel B. Huey and Henry C. Lea Schools. More than 100 children and more than 100 Penn varsity athletes are involved.

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