Netter Center Student Advisory Board on Building a True Year of Civic Engagement

Netter Center Student Advisory Board

The Daily Pennsylvanian

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Netter Center Student Advisory Board discusses how students can truly take part in the year of Civic Engagement, highlighting Academically Based Community Services (ABCS) courses. The board implores Penn students to take part in ABCS courses to genuinely engage with the West Philadelphian community.

"As we draft our schedules for the spring 2021 semester, we will advocate for Penn to make a greater effort toward comprehensive, institution-wide sustained community partnerships, and to encourage students to enroll in ABCS courses. The value of these courses is multifaceted; many ABCS courses can be integrated into sector requirements and Foundational Approaches, as well as requirements for graduate students in the nursing, law, and education schools. More importantly, however, ABCS courses also pave the way for a prolonged impact on West Philadelphia, Penn, and students."

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