Rose and Charles B. Leitner, III donate 3.5 Million for Lacrosse and Young Quakers

Penn Today Staff Writer

Penn Today

Monday, January 25, 2021

Rose and Charles B. Leitner, III donate 3.5 million dollars to Penn's Lacrosse program as part of the Set a Future in Motion campaign. As part of this donation, Young Quakers CommunityAthletics will receive funding in perpituity. 

“I recognize and appreciate the incredibly positive impact that the lacrosse program had on my own life and on my daughters’ experience at Penn,” says Leitner. “It is my family’s privilege to endow two coaching positions, and to support the Young Quakers program that connects varsity players—and now, assistant coaches—with local elementary and middle school athletic teams through after-school programs. We feel so strongly about Penn, Penn Athletics, and about lacrosse, and hope this gift will encourage other families to follow.

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